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And the Green4Sea Initiative Award winner is....

EU co-funded Elemed project!

Great honour & recognition for a shared goal, a joint effort, a common action!

"... I would like to note that it all started with a lot of love and care. A team of enthusiasts we started building on the idea of the zero-emission ship and port, out of love for what we do and the need to excel and sustain our beloved sector irrespective of future environmental challenges. We are delivering today the first tools so that we could all build together our sustainable future. Our target is to develop a great port; the gate of Europe to the East that can plan its future on the principle of zero or minimum negative impact to the surrounding communities...”, noted Panayiotis Mitrou, Technology & Innovation Manager South Europe, Marine & Offshore Business Development, Lloyd's Register, receiving the award.

Thank you all for your vote! With your support, we are getting closer to zeroemission vision!

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