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consulation event on regulatory framework for shipping electrification

Designing the roadmap for the use of electrification for sustainable marine transportation in Eastern Mediterranean

The design of a modern regulatory framework for the use of electricity as sustainable alternative fuel, with substantial environmental and economic benefits for Greek ports, enhancing insularity and the sustainability of marine transport, was pinpointed today at the forum organised by Elemed project at the Laskaridis Foundation in Piraeus.

The event became the commonplace and raised discussion among shipping and energy stakeholders, public bodies’ representatives, regulatory and port authorities as well as partners of the EU project Elemed. During his welcome address, Dr Dionysios Papachristou, Press & Public Relations Manager of the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) underlined that “RAE’s role is to contribute to the formation of a regulatory framework that will facilitate entrepreneurship in the field of energy for marine transportation, while serving the common good and financial prosperity”.

In the cadre of the forum, an open consultation took place on Elemed’s key policy recommendations for the development of a complete regulatory framework that will support the implementation of electrification technology in ports and will introduce the idea of sustainable ship. Specific emphasis was given to the inclusion of electric energy in the list of marine fuels, with equivalent or event more favourable terms than conventional fuels.

Main aspects of the Elemed project were also presented, as well as international applications of innovative technologies of electrification in ports and ships. The prospects of the use of the above technology in Piraeus port, were also highlighted.

Panayiotis Mitrou, Technology & Innovation Manager, Marine & Offshore, Lloyd’s Register South Europe added: ““The fastest developing technology in shipping globally with Greece appearing as ideal implementation field. It offers a unique opportunity to capitalise Greece’s insularity and turn shipping and port infrastructure towards a sustainable future”.

Video with event presentations available here

Event presentations available here

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