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elemed formulates a solid regulatory framework, identifying gaps in legislation, reviewing current rules on cold ironing procedures and standards, evaluating geographical nature aspects, analysing best practices and relevant completed case studies world‐wide

Regulatory analysis

elemed reviews the completed cold ironing case studies and alternative shore installations, defining the technical requirements for installations and infrastructure needed both for ports (energy management systems, power distribution networks, plugging interfaces, related safety issues etc.), and vessels (control systems, energy management facilities etc). An online interactive map has been developed presenting current and future OPS systems in ports globally.

elemed studies all technical, safety and financial issues related to developing Zero Emissions Electric Ships or low emission Hybrid vessels, examining current status of shipping electrification and available battery technologies, analysing the electric loads of the ship types during voyage and at berth, and the interconnection routes they cover in the East Med Corridor and developing a Ro-Pax ferry design using electric propulsion through battery installation.

Shipping electrification

elemed develops a sustainable financing scheme by calculating the required cost of installation for both port and vessels, and implementing a financial model, shaping a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) exploring funding opportunities.

elemed develops a pilot cold ironing installation for one berthing position in the port of Killini supplying one passenger ferry connecting Peloponnese peninsula with the islands of Zakynthos and Kefallonia.

Piloting OPS installation

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